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When it comes to blinds, there are a seemingly infinite number of options to choose from. Because of that, the process can quickly become overwhelming, if you don’t know where to start. Use these consideration factors as your jumping off point when choosing blinds for your home.


Interior blinds come in a range of materials that can vary in suitability depending on your space. For areas exposed to temperature fluctuations, choose blinds with a white or reflective backing that can help insulate the area.

Window size

Will your blinds be over a hall window? Or perhaps a sliding glass door that leads to a deck or patio? Choose blinds that are easy to open and close based on the size and layout of your window.

Lighting needs

How much light will you need? A bright, sunny window may be fantastic for the kitchen, but not for a nursery bedroom where little ones are trying to sleep. Consider how much light you’d like to peek through your blinds. Would you prefer a slim crescent of light to shine between the blinds, or would you like the blinds to be as close to blackout as you can get?

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